Popular Macrame – friendship bracelets

I will show you how quick and easy you can make this Popular Macrame – friendship bracelets. On the street you can see them in combination with letters, different beads…… Following this tutorial, now you can do it yourself ….

What do you need:

marcame bracelet
Folder, beads, thread, scissors and transparent nail polish


pletene narukvice

Cut the two pieces thread, first one is in the middle and it is the length (circumference) bracelet. Second piece must be a five time longer than first one (shorter). Fold it into two equal parts and set as shown on the picture. So shorter is going in the middle.


pletene narukvice

Now you get to begin knotting. For this bracelet we are doing the basic square knot technique. First, take the left side, we will call it (A), pull it over the center strings (C), so it forms a “4”. Now you will bring your right side, let’s call it (B), down. Place it over (A) (Figure 1). Take your right side thread (B)(Figure 2) and pull it under the center strings (C) (Figure 3). Your right thread (B) has now passed under the center thread (C) (Figure 4) but before it makes its way to the other side it must go underneath the left thread (A). Pull it up from underneath (Figure 5). As you can see, you just formed a knot around the center thread (C). You caught it inside of the right knot hole. Perfect. Now gently pull the hemp strings together and up to the top of the bracelet. Pull the knot tight. (Figure 6). Your (B) string will now be on the left side, and your (A) string will now be on the right side.


pletene narukvice

Now you must do the same movements but on different side. Take your left string (B) and pull it down over string (A) (Figure 1) Take the string on your left (B) and pull it underneath the center strings (C) (Figure 2). Tale your left string (A) and poke it through the hole (Figure 3) so it goes under the bottom and out through the top of string (B). As before, you just formed a knot around the center thread (C), but this time you caught it inside of the left knot hole instead of the right (Figure 4). Well done. Now gently pull the hemp strings together and up to the top of the bracelet. Tighten your knot and you will see a pattern is now forming.

Now your left string is (A) again, and the string on our right is (B) again.


pletene narukvice

We can put beads (Figure 1). Between each bead work by two knots (Figure 2 and Figure 3).


pletene narukvice

When we put beads as desired (Figure 1) finish the rest of bracelet (Figure 2)…  Cut the excess end (Figure 3) and stick with transparent nail polish (Figure 4)…..


pletene narukvice


Now connect the bracelet. You need to have one longer end (Figure 1). Set up them one next to the other parts (Figure 2). The longer end of the wrap twice around the shorter (Figure 3) and pull it from the top through both windings (Figure 4). That help us to close bracelet when we put on hand.


popularne pletene narukvice

At the ends tie the knot and bracelet is finished ……


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