Popsicle stick bracelets

What do you need:

  • Tongue Depressors /Popsicle sticks / Craft Sticks
  • Glass – must be around
  • Rubber band or plastic clamps
  • Tools for decoupage or something else for decoration


Popsicle stick bracelets
Boil your Popsicle sticks. Boil for 15-20 minutes.
Popsicle stick bracelets
Take out them one by one, just be careful because they are still hot, bend them around the glass or bottle and secure with a rubber band or these plastic clamps, as you see in the picture … Leave to dry …


I held my about 3 days to completely dry, because if you take them off early while they are still wet will not be nice to take shape.

Popsicle stick bracelets
When they completely dry take off from glass….


We finished. Now you can be creative. Use your imagination and decorate them.


Popsicle stick bracelets
This are my bracelets. I used decoupage to decorate them.

If you have any questions please ask me below this post.

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