DIY: Jewelry holder

If you don’t know where you will put away your jewelry, here we have an interesting idea how to DIY a holder for your jewelry shaped cactus.


What do you need:

držač za nakit

Some decorative cup (you can take and some old candlestick or anything that makes you interesting), wire, scissors, stones, pliers, rope, old newspapers and tape ….


Instruction step by step:

držač za nakit

Measure how much you need ropes and wires and cut them (Figure 1). Then pull the wire through the rope or wrap around it, depending on the rope you have (Figure 2). When you have finished, the ends rope and wire paste together with tape (Figure 3).


držač zanakit

Find the middle rope and wire and start to shape a cactus. It is best to shape from top to bottom.


držač za nakit

When you shape a cactus, glue the ends on the bottom with each other, so they would not have separated.


držač za nakitPlace it in a glass (Figure 1), fill the first with a newspaper (Figure 2), but leave the empty place at the top and fill the rest with the stones (Figure 3)


Your cactus jewelry holder is finished…….

držač za nakit

You can hold your jewelry on them and put on the shelf, wherever you want…..


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