DIY: Decorative pillow heart


Here is a great idea how to make a decorative pillow heart from old T-shirts. For the whole process you will spend about 1h.

What do you need for decorative pillow:

DIY: decorative pillow
Old T-shirts, newspapers, scissors, pencil, tape measure, chalk and cotton wool for filling pillows
DIY: decorative pillow
From newspaper cut heart and place it on a T-shirt
DIY: decorative pillow
with chalk draw a heart on t-shirt from a pattern of newspaper
DIY: decorative pillow
Then with a tape measure mark 5cm all around the heart
DIY: decorative pillow
It should look like this
DIY: decorative pillow
Cut the heart, as shown on picture
DIY: decorative pillow
Then cut all around the heart of the fringes of those extra 5 cm we draw it, as shown on picture
Tie a knot around the pillow. It is very important to better tie the knot, because then there are no spaces between them
Leaving only one part open to have filled pillow
DIY: decorative pillow
If you are satisfied that you have filled pillow, you can rest to tie knots and to completely close the pillow
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On the top of the pillow will remain a hole, you have to sew it with a simple needle and thread. This is inevitable, no matter how you cut the fringes, hole will appear in this section
DIY: decorative pillow
And your heart pillow is finished

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