Decorative candle holder

Here’s how to make this decorative candle holder….

What do you need:

decorative candle holder
Glue (in my case I used wood glue because when it dries stay transparent), newspapers (instead of newspaper, you can use a sticky paper), a candle, a glass, tape, scissors, glitter, pencil and brush.
ukrasni svećnjak
I forgot varnish, which is also very important. I used my for decoupage, but you can use some others
ukrasni svećnjak
From a newspaper cut heart and stick on the glass, put tape on the ends glass as you see in the picture
ukrasni svećnjak
Glass paint over with glue
ukrasni svećnjak
Sprinkle glitter over the glue, doing this above newspaper.
ukrasni svećnjak
Because a lot glitter will drop from the glass, so you can go back into the bottle.
ukrasni svećnjak
Allow the glue to dry, but do not be completely dry.
ukrasni svećnjak
Then take off heart and tapes. I didn’t take off the tapes, but you can do, because when is glue completely dry, you must be very careful with tapes. Leave glue to completely dry, then paint over varnish.

Leave varnish to completely dry…….

ukrasni svecćnjakukrasani svećnjak

Your decorative candle holder is finished. You can decorate it with ribbons…….

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