Decorate your balcony or garden with this flower pot

Decorate your balcony or garden…………

I got this plant from my very good friend. To be honest I did not know the name of the plant, I just know that I like it. I looked on the internet and I found post: Meet Krasulová, a plant that has a positive influence on business and attracts the energy of money!

flower pot

True or not, I don’t t know …. But I decided to decorate old flower pot for this plant…


What we needed:

  • Old pots
  • Rope
  • Tools for decoupage
  • Glue (it should be transparent and waterproof or you can use glue gun)
  • Scissors


I think the instructions are clear in this pictures tutorial, but I will write it below.

flower pot

When I chose the flower pot (Figure 1), I put the glue to the bottom of the pot and glued the end of the rope (Figure 2). I started to wrap the rope around the pot on the part where I apply glue (Figure 3). The same procedure of  wrapping ropes is on tutorial- Back to school. Then when I wraped rope around the pot, I decorated the upper part with decoupage (Figure 4) and also chose a motive from a napkin and cut it (Figure 5). For this I didn’t use tools for decoupage, I used the same glue wich I used for wraping rope (Figure 6). I glued a napkin, but once more crossed over it with glue (Figure 7).  Varnished all over the pot (Figure 8). I left it all to dry very well and planted my new plant (Figure 9).

flower pot

Until next tutorials and new ideas…..




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