As a great lover of the book, I buy every book I want to read because I like […]

Storage box

Do you collect a lot stuff, because you may sometimes need? Me for sure. All I see, old […]

Back to school

Back to school I can see that it is very popular over the Internet “Back to school”. Inspired […]

DIY: Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box

Cardboard that is rolled toilet paper will always end up in the trash ?! When you see how […]

DIY: Paper Beads

DIY: I’ll show you how to make paper beads. The possibilities with paper beads in crafts and making jewelry […]

DIY: Pom Pom

Very known pom pom, which can look very nice and effectively on your clothes or accessories. I’ll present […]

DIY: Jewelry holder

If you don’t know where you will put away your jewelry, here we have an interesting idea how to […]

Decorative candle holder

Here’s how to make this decorative candle holder…. What do you need: Leave varnish to completely dry……. Your […]