As a great lover of the book, I buy every book I want to read because I like to have it in my collection. Unfortunately, I always have a problem with bookmarks. Usualy I use old business cards I found around the house, cards …

Looking at the Internet, I find Tamara Simic’s book “The Fairy Tale of Adulthood”, I read some part and I really liked the book. I also wanted her to have it. Reading the book, I realized that it was more for children, but liked it very much. In part biogarphy of writter I found that was the second book of this writer. I decided to take her first book, “Unusual Fairy Tale”. Inspired by these books, I returned to my childhood and decided to make a bookmarks that is real for kids.

Bookmarks with decorative tassels from yarn

Do you remember the post where I showed you how to make Decorative tassels from yarn ? I Inspired by the colors from the book “The Fairy Tale of Adulthood,” I remembered my little decorative tassels and decided to use them and make another one.


Unfortunately this book you have only on Serbian languages, but I hope so that will be translate, very soon.


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