Back to school

Back to school

I can see that it is very popular over the Internet “Back to school”. Inspired with that theme, I decided to make this tutorial. It is ….. DIY: pencil holder of recyclable materials (cardboard from a roll of toilet paper). This you can make or your child can make this. It’s very easy and interesting ….

Back to school

DIY -pencil holder:

What do you need from a material?

Back to school

  1. Paper glue (to be transparent when dry)
  2. Roll of toilet paper
  3. Foam paper (you can use colored paper)
  4. Cardboard
  5. Rope
  6. Sticky tape
  7. Scissors
  8. Pencil

We can start:

Like usually, first i will present picture tutorial. Then below picture i will explain step by step, how to make this pencil holder.

DIY: Pencil holder

On cardboard, measure the diameter of the circle rolls. This easy and simple, just put the roll on the card, draw around the roll and cut it (Figure 1)… Sticky tape used to fix it on the end of the roll (Figure 2). Now you need to decorate. Put the glue on part where you want to wind the rope and wind them around the toilet paper roll (Figure 3 and 4).  When you are winding the rope all the way (Figure 5), on the foam paper, draw the bottom of the holder and cut it (Figure 6). Also on foam paper, draw and cut decorative motifs that you want for decoration (Figure 7). First glue foam paper on bottom to cover the tape that is seen below (Figure 8). Then glue the other motifs (Figure 9). Leave to properly dry and your pencil holder is finished (Figure 10).

I hope you liked this tutorial …..

I wish happy starting to school for all children ……

Until next tutorials……

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