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Do you collect a lot stuff, because you may sometimes need? Me for sure. All I see, old newspapers, boxes, crates … It seems to me, that all I can use for something, but then I have the problem. Where I will it keep? I have baby, a lot toys for her and also a lot boxes of toys. ūüôā So I came up with the idea to use just one of these boxes, and make storage box for all my stuff. I picked up a box of baby’s stroller and I made for myself two decorative boxes that look great and which can pack all the other stuff that I maybe once used for something.

storage box
The process is simple …..

I cut a box of baby’s stroller on two parts (Figure 1) and made the cover (Figure 2). Then I chose the decorative paper like color of my furniture in the house and I tape the box with them (Figure 3). And as you can see I put ribbons on the box to close them (Figure 4).

Here is box….

storage box

The boxes are ready and can now pack all my stuff.

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