DIY: Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box

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Cardboard that is rolled toilet paper will always end up in the trash ?! When you see how you can use them, next time you will keep them. Here’s a great idea of how to make gift box from recycled materials. In this case, I use the cardboard from a roll of toilet paper.

What do you need:

You need the rolls of toilet paper, acrylic colors, brushes, glue, ribbons, thread and everything what you can use to decorate your box. In my case, to decorate I used colored paper (red), foam paper (green) and a rope.

Instructions….. How make gift box?

I think that the images are explaining the craft, it is very simple. Anyway I wrote short explanation below picture.

gift box

What I used for making gift box (Figure 1). I measured how much paper we need for paper roll and I cut it (Figure 2). I put the glue all over the paper (Figure 3). If it’s easier for you, instead of paper you can paint it with acrylic colors. I glued paper on roll(Figure 4). Then I cut foam paper circle (Figure 4) and drill a hole (Figure 5) . I folded the roll as you see in the picture (Figure 7, 8 and 9). And of course decorated with rope and circle from foam Paper (Figure 10, 11 and 12).

My gift box looks like this:

gift box


I hope you liked this tutorial. Your opinions and comments can write down below text.



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